6 Piece Bamboo Make Up Brush Set

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This premium 6-piece bamboo makeup brush set is not only super trendy and practical, but eco-friendly and vegan.

Each set is made with only the highest quality and ethically sourced materials available from nature.  

The Handle 
Made from ethically sourced, panda-friendly, bamboo. Bamboo is the choice of many professional makeup artists for their quality, control, and sustainability.

A strong ferrule is the key to a quality makeup brush. Copper is the preferred choice for high-grade brushes like MAC and Sigma. This makeup brush set afeatures high grade, recycled copper ferrules. Superior to aluminium, they will keep their shape and hold for longer and will never discolor with sweat or water.

These bamboo makeup brushes are made with super-soft Taklon. Designed to include anti-bacterial qualities, as well as softness, versatility, and durability. They naturally attract each other, which allows for a smoother, more precise and streak-free application. They do not soak up too much make-up on application or clump together. This again allows for the smoother application and even helps towards saving you money as you naturally use less product!

Hemp Drawstring Bag

  • It can be recycled, re-used and is 100% biodegradable. 
  • It is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial - perfect for storing and transporting your brushes!
  • It is naturally resistant to pests so has not been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides to grow.